Beaubrun Louis Pascal Juanitho (“Wanito”) is our latest artist.  Wanito is a superbly talented musician from Port-au-Prince, who won a contest PeaceTones ran in Haiti last summer with his original music. Wanito’s music is a unique blend of acoustic guitar, reggae and hip-hop and has an incredible ability to capture both the complex troubles and the simple pleasures of Haitian life. Like all of our PeaceTones artists, Wanito will be receiving 90% of net profits from albums sales. With the plight of his fellow countrymen in mind, Wanito has also pledged to donate a portion of his income from this album to a community development project in his hometown of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. “biyografi mwen ” is available now on Music.peacetones.com                              



About Wanito

Il a fallu l’espace d’un cillement pour que Wanito, nom d’artiste de Louis Pascal Juanito Beaubrun, passe de l’ombre à la lumière. Dès la sortie de ‘’Lè m sou’’ (Quand je suis ivre), sa première chanson-promo sortie en 2010 avec le rappeur Fantom en featuring, le coup de cœur du public était plus qu’évident. Sa voix qui surfe sur la Soul, le Roots haïtien et le Rock ; ses paroles d’un réalisme saisissant et ses mélodies accrocheuses ne peuvent laisser de marbre aucun mélomane.

Anyone's life can change in the blink of an eye. Louis Pascal Juanito Beaubrun, better known by his stage name Wanito, is the perfect example. In just a couple of months, this gifted artist surprisingly went from being an underground young singer to mainstream recognition in Haitian music. Wanito’s unique sound combines elements of Soul, Reggae, Haitian Roots and Hip-hop. His striking lyrics and captivating melodies grab you by the gut and will not let you go.

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